Three Teachers Pursue Math Specialist Endorsement


Three Teachers Pursue Math Specialist Endorsement

In 2020, the Bennington Public Schools Foundation’s Teacher Professional Development Program assisted three elementary teachers in the district in taking graduate courses online.

Jennifer Flynn, (fourth grade teacher at Anchor Pointe Elementary), Alex Saunders (fifth grade teacher at Anchor Pointe Elementary), and Taryn Wilhelms (first grade teacher at Bennington Elementary) received partial reimbursement for the course “Number and Operations for K-3 Mathematics Teachers” through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

I wanted to further my education in Mathematics so that I can continuously provide innovative, research-based practices and activities for my students. It is my goal to deepen my own understanding of mathematics so that I can transfer this knowledge to my students,” Wilhelms said.

Each is working toward their Math Specialist Endorsement and have appreciated reflecting on the “why” behind mathematics.

“We are often so quick to want to come to an answer, without having to take the time to work through the process of solving a problem. Being the “student” in my mathematics courses has encouraged me to think about how I have had to work through various math concepts. Now, I can better model this process for my students, and ultimately reinforce the skills of being a confident problem solver, both in math and in real-world situations,” Wilhelms said

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