Student Needs Fund

We have to meet students‘ basic needs in order for them to fully concentrate on and strive for academic success. People may not realize it but we have students in the Bennington school district whose basic needs of adequate food and clothing are not always met.  

The Student Needs Fund was created to assist students in meeting immediate and basic needs, to ensure that their physical, social and emotional needs do not stand in the way of their success in school. This program helps fill needs unmet by any other source.

Examples of student needs that have been met through this program are assistance with winter clothing, school supplies, semester milk, after school care and eyeglasses.

The Foundation is expanding this program by also providing assistance to students with financial need to allow them to participate in educational summer camps and have access to band instruments in elementary band. The Foundation wants to provide the same opportunities that many students already have to students with financial need, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend summer camp or participate in band.

Studies show that music participation benefits students in ways directly and indirectly linked to higher academic achievement.

Funds must be requested by a building Principal. Expenditure of funds will be determined on a case by case basis in order to maintain good stewardship of the Foundation’s funds as well as the confidentiality of the student.

If you have any questions or would like to donate to the Student Needs Fund, please contact Executive Director, Regina Meradith at (402) 490-5269 or