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Applications must be turned in to the Bennington High School front office by TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2022.

One application, 30+ scholarship opportunities! See the application above for the full list of opportunities.

Since 1998, the Foundation has awarded just over $500,000 in scholarships to graduates of Bennington High School.

Currently, the Foundation awards more than $45,000 in scholarships annually and that number continues to grow. Bennington seniors planning to attend both two-year and four-year colleges are eligible to receive Foundation scholarships and are recognized for merit-based accomplishments including grade point average and ACT score. Students meeting certain requirements who work for the All Star Kids Program are also eligible to receive a $750 scholarship.

Foundation Merit Scholarships will be awarded to students who excel academically (by earning the criteria listed below): Students must submit a completed application to be eligible for a merit scholarship.

Foundation Merit Platinum

$2,500 scholarship to applicants who earned a 30+ ACT & 3.95+ GPA.

Foundation Merit Gold

$2,000 scholarship to applicants who earned a 28+ ACT & 3.75+ GPA.

Foundation Merit Silver

$1,500 scholarship to applicants who earned a 27+ ACT & 3.5+ GPA.

Foundation Merit Bronze

$1,000 scholarship to applicants who earned a 25+ ACT & 3.3+ GPA

Foundation Career

Up to four $1,000 scholarships awarded to students attending a technical, two-year, or vocational post-secondary institution who exhibit good character and strong work ethic.

Lee & Kathy Bunz Endowed Scholarship

One $1,500 scholarship awarded to a high school senior student who exhibits strong character, while excelling in academics and activities that have a positive impact on the community.

ASK Employee Scholarship

$750 scholarship to graduating seniors who have been employed by the All Star Kids Program for at least two years and meet other criteria outlined in the employee handbook.

$500 scholarship to graduating seniors who have been employed by the All Star Kids Program for at least one year and meet other criteria outlined in the employee handbook.

2021 Scholarship Recipients are:

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Madalyn Elwood

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Brendan Falkinburg

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Ethan Heinemann

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Nia Kaufmann

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Hailey Roop

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Grace Thomsen

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Grant Volk

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Jack Volk

Foundation Gold $1,500 Kale Bird

Foundation Gold $1,500 Macy Byars

Foundation Gold $1,500 Sena Essink

Foundation Gold $1,500 Bryce Melis

Foundation Gold $1,500 Nathan Meyer

Foundation Gold $1,500 McKenzie Sharp

Bunz Family Scholarship $1,500 Madalyn Elwood

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Austin Hunt

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Nick Law

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Kaylie Mathiasen

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Kadin Prathan

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Cole Rollins

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Jessica Brown

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Riley Hartman

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Silas Hughes

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Lindsey Krejci

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Tyler LeClair

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Joiner Pfister

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Taylor Ryan

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Nick Saltz

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Connor Toelle

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Allison Whitmire

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Clara Wise

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Lauren Wise

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Tyson Baumert

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Taylor Colvert

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Amber Goertz

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Nolan Larson

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Kadin Prathan

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Brooke Thoendel

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Joseph Wells

Foundation Career $1,000 Marisa Boever

Foundation Career $1,000 Alexander Hofts

Foundation Career $1,000 Kenna Pafford

Foundation Career $1,000 Clay Pohlmann

Foundation Career $1,000 Jake Townsend

To establish a scholarship or make a contribution to the Scholarship Program please contact Executive Director, Regina Meradith at (402) 490-5269 or click here to make a secure online donation today.


See a full list of past Foundation scholarship recipients below!

Past Scholarship Recipients

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