Meet the Mentors: Theresa Haack


Name:  Theresa Haack

How long have you been a TeamMates Mentor?  4 years

What school do you mentor at? Bennington Middle School (started at Pine Creek)

What is your favorite part about being a TeamMates Mentor? We both put a smile on each other faces.  We have a great relationship and look forward to seeing each other every week. I think I get more out of it then she does.  It is truly gratifying knowing that in 30 minutes per week you are making an impact on someone else for the rest of their life.

What is one thing you wish others knew about the program?  It is school based and takes place only during the school year.  You don’t have to do a lot of planning.  Lots of games and activities are already at the school.  It doesn’t cost you any money, yet the personal reward you receive for just showing up is plentiful.  The goal is for individuals to show up at least 25 times.  When you think about that, it is really not a lot of time, yet the impact will last a lifetime.

Why should someone apply to join the Bennington TeamMates community? Stan Turner does a great job of matching mentors/mentees.  The training is awesome.  You learn about your own strengths in the process.  There is such a need, and it is disheartening knowing that there is a wait list of kids wanting a mentor.  Once you apply and start, you won’t have regrets.  Just the satisfaction of knowing you are truly making an impact on a young persons’ life is a great feeling.