Meet the Mentors: Leslie Hiatt


Name: Leslie Hiatt

How long have you been a TeamMates Mentor? This will be my 2nd year

What school do you mentor at? Bennington Middle School

What is your favorite part about being a TeamMates Mentor? I look forward each week to seeing my mentee!  We do different things each week: sometimes we just talk about what fun things we did over the weekend, play games, make crafts, or talk about school!

What is one thing you wish others knew about the program? It doesn’t take a lot of time out of your week at all.   The impact you can make for just giving a small portion of your time to a mentee is so worth it!  The smiles you can bring, or just another trusted face in this hard to navigate world can make all the difference!  

Why should someone apply to join the Bennington TeamMates community? What a great way to show support and have pride in our community that is growing quickly!  All kids deserve another trusted adult in their lives to help shape them into the person they are meant to be!  

The program in Bennington has great leadership, energy,  and an investment in BPS and the community that will reap rewards for years to come!