Meet our Mentors: Krissy Kloeckner


Name: Krissy Kloeckner

How long have you been a TeamMates Mentor? I became a mentor in the fall of 2018.

What school do you mentor at? I was a mentor at Pine Creek, but will be mentoring at Bennington Middle School as my mentee is in 6th grade now.

What is your favorite part about being a TeamMates Mentor? Seeing my mentee’s face light up when we do a fun project together. It’s my favorite part of the week, when we meet! Lots of laughs, good for soul! She knows she can trust me!

What is one thing you wish others knew about the program? How rewarding being a mentor is and how much fun it is! It’s seeing the face of child light up the moment you walk through the door to see them! It’s priceless!