Eight Students Attend French-Immersion Experience


Eight Students Attend French-Immersion Experience

By Alex Wagoner, Bennington High School

Imagine speaking a language other than your native language for twenty-four hours. That’s what eight French students from Bennington, as well as students from Brownell Talbot, Westside, Mercy, and Lincoln East to name a few did at Auberge, the French immersion field-trip on March 30-31.

Held at the Western Town (Camp Carol Joy Holling) in Ashland, high school students enrolled in French II or above were eligible to participate.

“I had a lot of fun and met a ton of cool people. I really wish I could go again,” senior Madeline Mallgrave said.

All the students were separated into color teams and put against each other in games. Points from the games and other activities were tallied at the end and a winner was declared. One of the major point-earning activities was the music video. Each team had to create a music video to a French song with dancing and lip-synching. In the end, the Noir (black) team won the competition.

Every game had a unique French twist. The students’ favorite game was rock, paper, scissors. In addition to winning the game, competitors had to name French vocabulary on a table nearby. There was also an escape room with the clues and answers in French. The entire room was Ratatouille themed and it included hidden objects, a puzzle box, combination locks, and other puzzles.

“My favorite part of Auberge was the rock-paper-scissors game. It was really competitive and got really intense,” senior Sydney Lowther said.

Just like the rest of the event, the food was French themed. For dinner, the camp chefs served beef bourguignon and had cream puffs for dessert. The trip almost didn’t occur due to the extensive flooding in Ashland and the surrounding areas.

“I made friends that I’m definitely going to keep in touch with. I created great memories with my friends that I’ll never forget,” junior Malique Boyd said.