Community Supports TeamMates through Omaha Gives


Community Supports TeamMates through Omaha Gives

The Bennington Public Schools Foundation participated in Omaha Gives on May 22 to raise money for the TeamMates Mentoring of Bennington Program. Overall, 21 donors came together to raise $1,420 for the program.

This is the sixth year the Foundation took part in Omaha Gives, a 24-hour online giving event in May to celebrate nonprofits organized by the Omaha Community Foundation.

“We are thankful for all of the donors who supported TeamMates through Omaha Gives as well as the 73 individuals who volunteer their time as mentors,” said TeamMates Coordinator Stan Turner.

Funds donated to TeamMates are used to support match activities and to help support mentors’ learning opportunities.  

“Our chapter also wants to provide a scholarship for each of our mentees when they graduate from high school. As our chapter grows, it will be important for our TeamMates to have a sustainable scholarship fund,” Turner said.

To learn more about TeamMates or sign up to be a mentor, contact Stan Turner at or visit

Omaha Gives donors included:

Debbie Almquist (in recognition of Nancy Mohr’s Retirement)

Kevin Andersen

Mary Ellen Bartels

Jerry Belmont

Dalene Clark

Kerry Clark

Tamara Draeger

Lisa Flaxbeard

Haack Family

Mindy Helfrich (Eli Helfrich)

Dee Hoge

Stan & Regina Meradith

Tracy McTavish Mlady

Chelsea Mercer

Stacey Noble

Andrew Ossenkop

Daniel Schaecher

Stan & Vonda Turner

Anonymous (2)