Classroom Grants

Since 2008, the Foundation has awarded $215,000 in Classroom Grant funding to Bennington teachers and administrators.

Each fall and spring, the Classroom Grants Program provides grants to teachers and administrators for programs and activities that go beyond the school district’s limited budget. The program’s focus is to enhance student learning by providing new and innovative educational experiences for our children within all of the enriching activities our students are exposed to. By putting resources directly into the hands of teachers, they are able to go above and beyond their standard classroom curriculum.

Children using computers from classroom grants in Bennington, NE Schools

Below are a few highlights of the 2019 Spring Classroom Grant Awards

Anchor Pointe Elementary – Emily Kiger: Math Madness, Moving Math to the Floor. Math Madness starts with Math Mats and manipulatives, where students can engage in math activities, while moving and working with others. $900.00

Bennington Middle School – Connie Yoder: Badger Buzz. Purchase a video camcorder and green screen for the exploratory elective, Video Production so students can make a middle school news show. $454.39

Heritage Elementary – Sensory Hallway Paths. Create sensory hallway paths to allow students to take a brain break, fidget break so they can return to the classroom and focus. $1,500.00

Pine Creek Elementary – Peaceable Places at Pine Creek. In support of Strat Plan Goal #4 Social and Emotional Learning and Development, create a classroom space for students to manage emotions called a Peaceable Place which coincides with the current elem counseling curriculum. $2,500.00.

Bennington High School – Chaz Fonda: Student Engagement & Ownership Innovation Program. $2,000 toward the purchase of a projector and screen to help implement band’s Student Engagement and Ownership Innovation Program. $2,000.00.

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