Board Member Spotlight: Ty Hughes


Name:  Ty Hughes

Role on the Board:  Member at Large, Finance Committee Member

Number of Years Served: 1

Current Employment: Founder/Financial Advisor – Walnut Hill Advisors

Why do you serve? I have a soft spot in my heart for educators since that was my original course of study as a college student.  I also have several educators (current and past) in my family.  The school system is one of the remaining societal havens where the efforts of a few people can have tremendous influence in the character formation of its student population.  Education can be leveraged to protect the culture of a certain shared value system which I think Bennington values.  This is important to me and why I stepped forward to serve on the Board.

What do you love most about Bennington Public Schools?  We moved to Bennington to be a part of a community where you can know your neighbors and make an immediate impact in the lives of others. We appreciate the blend between rural and urban and knowing people personally when attending community events.

What is your favorite program that the BPS Foundation supports and why? My favorite program is Teacher Professional Development.  I believe in people who are continuous learners.  It’s always struck me that we should invest in the continuing education and development of our educators.  Besides rewarding them for the work they do we know it is also reinvested in the culture of the district and the students in our school system.

Where do you hope to see the Foundation in 5 years? I desire to serve on a team that carefully evaluates the needs and resources of the community.  I believe in supporting a reasonable amount of programs with excellence rather than too many with mediocrity.  I hope to grow and deploy the endowment for causes with long term positive impacts.  Finally, I hope to influence and help maintain the intimate feel that Bennington has now while it inevitably grows in the future.

Family Members?  Rebecca Hughes (wife), Silas (junior), Lennox (freshman) and Charis (6th grade).