Board Member Spotlight: Tracy J. Behnken


Name: Tracy J. Behnken

Role on the Board: At-large

 When did you join the Board: 2010


 Current employment:

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension in Washington County – Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development & Unit Leader


 Why do you serve on the Board?

Serving on the BPS Foundation Board gives me the opportunity to support my community. I strive to serve in organizations that make a positive difference and the Foundation certainly makes that happen for our local school system.


 What do you love most about Bennington Public Schools?

Bennington is my hometown and my family has been part of this community for more than 100 years. I enjoy the fact that my sons are part of the same school system that my father attended and I once attended.


 Where do you hope to see the Foundation in 5 years?

My hope would be to have increased growth in the Foundation to ultimately provide more resources to the growing numbers of students in our district.


 What is your favorite program that the BPS Foundation supports and why?

My favorite BPSF program is the Scholarship Program. It is inspiring to see the excellence that BHS students demonstrate with academics, extracurricular and community service efforts. The scholarship program allows the Foundation to honor their accomplishments and provide support for their bright futures.


Family members? Other local organizations you are involved with?

I live on an acreage with my husband, Craig, and our sons, Walker and Carter.


My other community and statewide involvement includes:

Bennington Athletic Booster Club, Vice President

Omaha Agribusiness Club

National 4-H Council – National Agri-Science Summit Advisory Committee

National Association of County Agricultural Agents

National Association of Extension 4-H Agents / Ag Literacy Task Force

Nebraska Cooperative Extension Association; Ag Section, 4-H Section & Epsilon Sigma Phi

Nebraska LEAD Alumni Association

Washington County 4-H Leader