Board Member Spotlight: Sheryl Cornett


Number of Years Served? I am currently starting my 8th year serving on the Bennington Public Schools Foundation Board.

Role on the Board? I am currently serving on the Executive Committee, Fundraising Committee, Annual Gala Committee, Scholarship Committee, and have served in various roles over the years.

What do you love most about Bennington Public Schools? What I love most about BPS is how it has both the qualities of a small community, as well as a large community.  Support for individuals, families, causes and events are given by the families, kids, teachers, administration, coaches, staff and individuals that make up Bennington Public Schools.  The community comes together and a major connection is based through our schools. It is the bloodline of the community.  Throughout the halls, the administration, teachers, coaches and staff know my children and have a genuine concern about them and their well-being.  With the growth of our schools and community, a more diverse student population and curriculum have been wonderful and fulfilling additions.  Making new and lasting connections with the growing community for myself and my family is important.

Where do you hope to see the Foundation in 5 years? In the next 5 years,  I see the Foundation continuing to grow alongside the schools and the community to meet and accommodate the growing needs and concerns that are presented.  Our mission is to generate and distribute resources to or on behalf of the BPS district to enrich teaching, inspire learning, maximize opportunities and promote excellence in education for all students.  This mission will carry us through the next 5 years, as well as the future.

What is your favorite program that the BPS Foundation supports and why? My favorite program is the Teammates program.  I felt very strongly that Bennington should have a Teammates program, so I became involved very early on with the development of the program here.  Serving as the Foundation liaison on the Teammates Board, to serving on many of the committees and in various positions, culminating in 2 years as Board President, all while being a Mentor myself.  I have enjoyed a front row seat to the deep and lasting impact this program has had on not only the Mentees, but the Mentors, as well as the community at large.  These deep and lasting relationships that are formed affect all involved.  Truly, one hour a week makes a lifetime of difference!

Family Members? My husband, Chris, is an orthopedic spine surgeon at UNMC. Our oldest son, Benton, is a sophomore at UNL, our oldest daughter, Avynne, is a junior at the high school, our two middle daughters are at the middle school, Emmersyn is in 8th grade, Mazlyn is in 6th grade, and our youngest son, Zyden, is 3 and at home with me.  This is the first year that we have lived here that we do not have a kiddo at the elementary school. Emoji

Other organizations you are currently involved with? I am currently finishing up my final year on the Nebraska Medicine Guild Board as advisor after serving last year as President.  We fund projects and scholarships throughout Nebraska Medicine and UNMC. In the Bennington community, I just finished up serving my 6th year on the Teammates Board.  Also, I am on the Athletic Booster Club Board where we fill various needs for the athletic programs of the school. I am also a member of the Bennington Women’s Club that perform philanthropic acts throughout the community, as well as a member of  the 100 Women Who Care group that supports and donates to various organizations in the community.