Board Member Spotlight: Nancy Mohr ’74


Name: Nancy Mohr ’74

Role on the Board: Member at Large

Number of Years Served: 7

Career: Former FCS teacher at Bennington High School, retired after the 2018/19 school year!

Why do you serve?

Bennington Public Schools have always been a big part of my life—growing up and then working here.  I want to see the school and its name remain successful.

 What do you love most about Bennington Public Schools?

 I have been here so long it just “feels like home” to me.

 Where do you hope to see the Foundation in 5 years?

 A dependable resource for our school system, to be well-known and active in the community, and to have a thriving alumni program.

What is your favorite program that the BPS Foundation supports and why?

The scholarship program.  Seeing so many students benefit from our scholarships is very gratifying and it encourages students to see the importance of continued education.

Family Members:

Married to Van Mohr, also a BHS 1974 graduate.  Three children: Mandy (Cody) Henrickson –  BHS 2000 graduate, is a nurse at the Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital in Omaha;  Mallory – BHS 2002 graduate, is a FCS teacher at Omaha Central; and Jacob (Emily) -BHS 2006 graduate, works for the Veterans Administration in Kansas City, Missouri.

Other family members to graduate from BHS include my father, 3 brothers and 7 nieces and nephews.

Organizations currently involved with:  St. Johns Lutheran Church