Board Member Spotlight: Darren Siekman


Name: Darren Siekman

Role on the Board: School board liaison

Number of Years Served: 4 as liaison, 18 years on the school board

Current Employment: Vice President of Global Irrigation; Valmont Industries

Why do you serve? I am very passionate about education and the role that our schools play in the community.  Bennington has been a great place for our family and I want to give back and make sure every family has the same opportunities and experiences as ours.

What do you love most about Bennington Public Schools? The ability to still have a ‘small town’ feel and culture during our amazing growth is what I love the most about our school district.  Additionally, I love our strong student achievement and attitude of continuous improvement.

Where do you hope to see the Foundation in 5 years? Expanding and enhancing the All Star Kids program while giving back even more scholarships and classroom grants.

What is your favorite program that the BPS Foundation supports and why? All Star Kids is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s growth and expansion.  I love the fact that it serves a need in the community while allowing the Foundation to give back.

Family Members? My wife, LeAnn, is a middle school science teacher at DC West.  Our daughter, Allison, is a Ph.D. Biochemist researching how to improve plants (corn) at North Carolina State University and our son, Grant, is an Actuary here in Omaha.  Both are Bennington graduates!

Other local organizations you are involved with?: School board, Maplewood Preschool Board, and a lot of youth sports and coaching ‘back in the day’.