Bennington Schools Raise $24,000 for Flood Relief


Bennington Schools Raise $24,000 for Flood Relief

The Bennington Public School District lent a helping hand to surrounding communities who were impacted by recent flooding, raising $24,000 in one week.

All five Bennington schools pitched in to raise funds for the school districts in Arlington, DC West and Fremont. The original goal was to raise $10,000, or approximately $3 per person if you were to count all staff and students in the district.

“We have always known the people in our school district are caring, supportive and willing to help when called upon. This fundraising event provided another example of the abundant generosity of the patrons of Bennington Public Schools,” said Bennington Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Terry Haack.

After speaking with administration in the three districts, the need for financial support was the greatest rather than short term needs such as supplies.

“The administration of these three school districts truly appreciate the generosity of the Bennington community,” Haack said. “In communication with the administration of these school districts, they have shared several stories of students and families that have lost much, if not all, of their belongings. They are thankful to have funds that they can distribute to the many families in need.”

Donations from the community were made through the Bennington Public Schools Foundation’s website and the Foundation is distributing the funds to the three districts this week.

It is our hope that these donations will relieve some stress for the families affected by the flooding that must now put their lives back together after these devastating floods.