AP Test Reimbursement

Students who take an AP course have completed college level work throughout the year, but to have the opportunity to receive any college credit, they must take the AP examination to demonstrate the level of their knowledge and understanding of these more challenging concepts and skills.

High schools are ranked nationally for student participation in AP courses, participation in AP exams and pass rate on exams. The pass rate of AP exams is also an indicator that a student is prepared for post-secondary education.

The cost of each exam may be prohibitive for many students choosing to take multiple AP exams. To support the district’s effort to better prepare our students for post-secondary education and encourage more students to take the exams, the high school and the Foundation jointly reimburse families for the cost of each AP exam.

To be eligible for AP exam fee reimbursement, a student must first complete the AP course, then pay for and take the AP exam. Reimbursement is provided through the high school after AP exams are taken each year.