Annual Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2020 Of the Year Award Recipients!

Distinguished Educator of the Year: Mrs. Laura McGrew (High School Language Arts)

This award recognizes a teacher or administrator who has made a significant and positive contribution to Bennington Public Schools and has taught in the district for 6 years or more.

Below are just a few things her nominators said about her!

A student said: “She’s always wishing the best for her students, she lends a helping hand wherever is needed, she truly puts her students first. I was being challenged every second in her class and I believe she is a one-in-a-million kind of teacher. I am extremely grateful to have gotten the chance to learn from her.”

An administrator said: “Laura McGrew is one of the finest educators I’ve had the privilege of working with in my 20+ years in education. She comes to school early, stays late, and will consistently go the extra mile to help out students and staff. Laura has the respect of her students, colleagues, administrators, and parents.”

Thank you for your great impact on students, Mrs. McGrew!

Support Staff of the Year: Gay Copeland (Anchor Pointe Elementary Paraeducator)

his award recognizes a past or present support staff, non-certificated person who has made a significant and positive contribution to the Bennington Public Schools.

A few things said about Gay included:

“Gay comes into my classroom and intuitively steps in and manages 4 students with high math needs. The support she gives them is huge! She makes sure she isn’t enabling or too coddling, as she provides strategies and guidance to figuring out math answers. The kids respect and admire her!”

“Working with all people comes very naturally to her. She goes above and beyond to help EVERY student and EVERY teacher. She helps students through disagreements by actually teaching them how to problem solve. She comes in each and every day with a smile.”

New Educator of the Year: Mrs. Alex Saunders (Anchor Pointe Elementary 5th Grade)

Receiving multiple nominations, here are just a few quotes about her highlighting what a deserving candidate she is!

“Mrs. Saunders is a teacher who students will look back on their educational experience and remember forever! She is a teacher who puts in endless hours past normal duty times to create lessons that constantly exceed expectations. She creates a learning environment that welcomes each student into her classroom no matter their circumstances.”

“We feel very honored and blessed that our son has had the privilege of having Mrs. Saunders for his 5th grade teacher! He has excelled in all subjects this year thanks to her phenomenal teaching methods and ongoing support and guidance. She is extremely organized and her communication with the students and parents is outstanding.”

Volunteer of the Year: Curt Bohn

This award may recognize a parent or community member or someone who has made a significant and positive contribution to the Bennington Public Schools.

This year’s deserving recipient is Curt Bohn! Receiving many nominations, here are a few things people had to say about him:

“Curt has put countless hours of dedication to the Bennington (Athletic) Booster Club as President over the past 2 years. To say this job was 24/7 would be putting it mildly. Curt dedicated all of his free time to the program as well as steering the ship of the booster club. He stepped into each and every role during his presidency and lead by example. Curt would never ask someone to do something that he was unwilling to do and most likely, he would be there right along side.”

“It is always easier to volunteer your time when you are working beside someone rather than being told what to do. Curt is one of those leaders.”

“For many years, Curt has demonstrated dedication for a variety of organizations within the Bennington Public School System as well as the Bennington community. I always knew that Curt did a lot for the Booster Club, the Community Foundation, youth baseball, and youth football. However, I didn’t realize the extent of his dedication until I joined the executive committee of the Booster Club last year. Curt worked tirelessly in all aspects of the Booster Club, from shuffling money boxes to serving in the concession stand and from recruiting new members to leading the meetings as president. As he steps aside from his volunteer roles in order to provide more time for his family, he will be leaving a large void.”

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BPS Foundation 2020 Scholarship Recipients

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Grace Tetschner

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Claire Thompson

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Connor Utech

Foundation Platinum $2,000 Michael Webb

Foundation Gold $1,500 Makenna Anderson

Foundation Gold $1,500 Ariana Bryant

Foundation Gold $1,500 James Coddington

Foundation Gold $1,500 Kyler Essink

Foundation Gold $1,500 Jordan Hill

Foundation Gold $1,500 Kathryn Keatts

Foundation Gold $1,500 Anna Law

Foundation Gold $1,500 Mackenna Petersen

Foundation Gold $1,500 Ayden Ridder-Koch

Foundation Gold $1,500 Makenna Anderson

Foundation Gold $1,500 Sophie Ryan

Foundation Gold $1,500 Hunter Shanks

Foundation Gold $1,500 Cean Swinney

Foundation Gold $1,500 Hannah Tilton

Foundation Gold $1,500 Whitney Wullenwaber

Bunz Family Scholarship $1,500 Grace Tetschner

Girl Scout Troop 42626 $500 Sidney Jacobs

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Caitlin Birk

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Malique Boyd

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Sean Christensen

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Samantha Sample

Foundation Merit Silver $1,000 Eric Tomjack

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Andrew Breckenridge

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Hunter Duffek

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Courtney Mertens

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Jace Miller

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Isabella Ponce

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Miley Prine

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Jaden Reinoehl

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Haley Saltzman

Foundation Merit Bronze $500 Brett Tomjack

Foundation Career $1,000 Matthew Coe

Foundation Career $1,000 Cody Flynn

Foundation Career $1,000 Annabelle Hall

Foundation Career $1,000 Wyatt Knutson-Smith

Foundation Career $1,000 Colby Puck

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Caitlin Birk

All-Star Kids Employee $500 Laurin Miller