Annual Awards Ceremony

The 18th Annual Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 4:00 p.m., followed by a dessert and coffee reception. At the Awards Ceremony, the BPS Foundation, along with other local organizations, will be recognizing graduating seniors receiving scholarships and the 2018 Educator of the Year, 2018 Support Staff of the Year, and 2018 Volunteer of the Year.

This event is free of charge and was attended by approximately 150 students, parents, educators and community members in support of our students and staff!

Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Matt & Connie Wickham for generously donating the Of the Year Awards.

2017 Bennington Annual Awards Ceremony Winners

From the left: 2017 Educator of the Year, Ms. Abby Fitzgerald, 2017 Volunteer of the Year, Mr. Chuck Oborny, 2017 Support Staff of the Year, Mrs. Bonnie Eikmeier, and Superintendent Dr. Terry Haack.

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BPS Foundation 2017 Scholarship Recipients

Gold $5,000 Gabrielle Diamond
Silver $3,500 Mackenzie Jeppesen
Bronze $2,000 Todd Cerny
Bronze $2,000 Braden McShane
Bronze $2,000 Ashlee McGill
Bronze $2,000 Josh Pokorny
Bronze $2,000 Ashly Helfrich
Bronze $2,000 Miriam Calderon
Bronze $2,000 Shelby Ryan
Bronze $2,000 Grace Corrigan
Career $2,000 Camron Spicka (2 year college student)
Career $2,000 Madison Pigg (2 year college student)
Merit Gold $1,500 Olivia Persigehl
Merit Silver $1,000 Cameron Lacoma
Merit Silver $1,000 Josh Lacoma
Merit Silver $1,000 Kira Milan
Merit Silver $1,000 William Alex Richardson
Merit Silver $1,000 Kyle Sisavanh
Merit Silver $1,000 Clayton Swapp
Merit Silver $1,000 Connor Unger
Merit Bronze $500 Katia Agafonov
Merit Bronze $500 Colin Brown
Merit Bronze $500 Madelyn Hunke
Merit Bronze $500 Kyle Monti
Merit Bronze $500 Ethan Preissler
Merit Bronze $500 Hayden Richardson
Merit Bronze $500 Evan Widhalm
All-Star Kids $500 Abigail Post
All-Star Kids $500 Kaitlyne Pollock

BPS Foundation 2017 Award Recipients

2017 Educator of the Year, Ms. Abby Fitzgerald

2017 Support Staff of the Year, Mrs. Bonnie Eikmeier

2017 Volunteer of the Year, Mr. Chuck Oborny