360 Cameras Allow Students to Create Virtual Tours


360 Cameras Allow Students to Create Virtual Tours

Bennington students can now enjoy a new level of technology through using a 360 camera in the classroom. High Ability Learner (HAL) teacher Abby Fitzgerald learned about the benefits of adding this piece of technology to the classroom and requested funding through the Bennington Public Schools Foundation’s Project Funding Program.

“This camera has the capability of shooting 360 photos AND videos so could be used in so many ways in a classroom, during a lesson, at a concert/assembly – you name it,” Fitzgerald said. 

The first project her 6-8 grade students are working on uses the camera to create 360 virtual tours of all the Bennington school buildings. Students can put the images together using Google Tour Creator and add points of interest, descriptions, audio and more. Then, the tours will be posted to each respective school website when they are complete.

“Being able to work with this project has allowed my students to have a great perspective into the design thinking process. Every single step of the process has been completed by the students from deciding which building, creating an outline, to filming the shots and creating content to be embedded within. It has allowed them hands on experience to create such a huge project from scratch,” Fitzgerald said.

She said students have greatly enjoyed the new addition to the classroom. “Learning the 360 software, how to connect the iPad to the camera, placing the tripod, taking the photos, putting them together and adding elements have all been an exciting learning curve. They have really loved the autonomy that they have in this project to make it what they want it to be and thinking of how best to showcase ‘their’ building.”

The Project Funding program allows the BPS Foundation to fund requests of administrators and teachers to support a project or activity when funding is not provided by the school district’s budget and the request does not meet the timeframe for a Classroom Grant.

“360 cameras, while becoming more affordable every day, are still a newer technology that is outside the budget of many classrooms and schools.We are so thankful that the Foundation is able to bring emerging technologies directly into the hands of our students, Fitzgerald said.

To learn more about the Foundation’s Project Funding Program, visit: https://benningtonschoolsfoundation.org/project-funding/