Classroom Grants

Since 2008, the Foundation has awarded $93,600 in Classroom Grant funding to Bennington teachers and administrators.

Each spring, the Classroom Grants Program provides grants to teachers and administrators for programs and activities that go beyond the school district’s limited budget. The program’s focus is to enhance student learning by providing new and innovative educational experiences for our children within all of the enriching activities our students are exposed to. By putting resources directly into the hands of teachers, they are able to go above and beyond their standard classroom curriculum.

Below are a few highlights of the 2016 Spring Classroom Grant Awards

Bennington Elementary – “Breakout” Critical Thinking in the Classroom! Funds will be used to purchase Breakout EDU materials to foster problem solving skills within classrooms, creating problems that students must work together to solve involving various learning subjects and topics.

Bennington Elementary – Standing Ovation in 5th Grade Funds used to purchase standing desks to increase active learning and participation in the classroom.

Bennington Elementary – The Drum Circle: Approaching Rhythm with a New Beat Funds used to purchase eight large tubano drums for the music classroom.

District-wide – Staff Wellness Program Funds used to incentivize participation and positive results among staff members which directly impacts the students by creating healthy, active role models.

District-wide – Titanium Badgers Summer Robotics Camp Purchase of programmable robot kits, consumables and support materials to supplement the summer robotics camp.

Pine Creek Elementary – The Apps Have It Funds used to purchase three iPad Minis for the counseling department, to allow the use of a variety of apps that will assist students with anxiety by teaching coping skills.

Pine Creek Elementary – On a Bicycle Built to Read Funds used to purchase two stationary bicycles for the library to allow students to ride and read simultaneously.

Heritage Elementary – Golden Sower Books for Intermediate Students Funds used to purchase Golden Sower books for each classroom, grades 3 through 6th.

Middle School – Science Car Kits Purchase of science car kits to supplement the 7th grade physics unit.

High School – hAPpy hAPpy Joy Joy! AP Books – Funds will be used to purchase additional AP books that appear on the AP reading list.

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